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 Brothers of the Road
          "Our Wall of Fame"
          Live Free * Ride On
     And our First Sisters of the Road 
Joe and The Reaper
Jesse & His Pistol Packin Mama WW2
                 Tribute Bike
      in Memory of His Grandfather
Steeler in Memory of Bike!
Austin and His Steeler Bike in Memory of Christopher Mark Evans 
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In Honor of Someone special!
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Joe Jr. and His Bike "The Goblin"
Skull Helmet
Nick and His Punisher Bike & Helmet
Jerry and His Bike " Nature's Toy!"
Don and His Marilyn Monroe Street Rod
Mary Ann is our First Sister of the Road!!
  Proud to have her on our Wall of Fame
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Custom Airbrushing 
Golf Carts
Airbrushing for Jackets
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Memorials-Pets-Sports-whatever your passion!
Lance and his Skull Fender
    Allen and The Crow
Tom & His Wife with Tribute Bike to Mikey their Son and                         Superhero!
Mark and His Tribute Bike to The Fire Fighters of 9-11! 
Dave and His Skull Fairing
Jim and His True Flame Harley!
Sands Auto Center
Rich and Linda with their Proud Eagle Bike!
Warrior Strong